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6 Best Floor Standing Speakers Buying Guide For Music Lovers

One of the best ways to enjoy full sound-blasting audio is through Floor Standing Speakers. These speakers feature multi-driver designs for a dedicated bass, tweeter, and midrange driver for that rich, full sound that’s unparalleled compared to conventional speakers. Also called Tower speakers, these have become an important piece in home theater systems because of its audio capabilities.

Choosing the best quality speakers for your home use does need a little bit of knowledge and in this buying guide, we’ll be going over some of the most popular choices and give a rundown of their specifications and performance to help you make the right purchase decision.

Top Floorstanding Speakers 2018

Sharper Image

Best Budget 

Sharper Image Tower Speaker
  • check
    Soft glowing LED lights 
  • check
    Stylish design 
  • check
    Affordable price 

Rated by: Harry

Sony SSCS3

Best Value 

Sony SSCS3 Speaker
  • check
    Impressive audio output 
  • check
    ¾” tweeter delivers amazing high frequencies 
  • check
    Sufficient bass response 

Rated by: Harry

Fluance SXHTBW 

Best High-end 

Fluance Surround Sound Home Theater
  • check
    5-piece speaker system 
  • check
    Full surround sound 
  • check
    Luxuriously crafted exterior

Rated by: Harry

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Clean Sounding Woofer

Best value sounding Tower speakers!

Quick Summary

Sony SSCS3 Speaker

Rated by: Harry

The Sony 3-Way Speaker is by far one of the amazing speakers on my list because of its impressive audio output and consistent performance all across the board.

The 3-way speaker dedicates a tweeter, a midrange, and a woofer for a clean-sounding audio experience. It’s also plenty loud so you can hear the enhanced details thanks to the ¾” tweeter that delivers amazing high frequencies.

The midrange is excellent and the bass response is quite sufficient. Vocal tones and dialogue reproduction were on-point and volume levels were adequate given the size of the drivers in this floorstanding speaker. The sleek, contemporary aesthetics of this speaker will blend in perfectly with any modern home.

It’s simple to use and offers a well-rounded sound experience on its own or you can combine it with additional speakers and have your own home theater system for that thumping sound-blasting experience.

Overall These Speaker offers consistent performance at a price point that’s hard to beat, making it one of the best speakers that deliver great value.


  • Clear, crisp audio performance
  • Sufficient bass response
  • Good mids & highs


  • Struggles with low frequencies
  • Amp is a bit weak
  • Some tracks can get a bit trebly

Sharper Image SBT1001BK Bluetooth Speaker

Best floor standing speakers you can get!

Quick Summary

Sharper Image Tower Speaker

Rated by: Harry

The Sharper Image SBT1001BK Bluetooth Tower Speaker is a great entry-level speaker for those who are looking to expand their home theater experience.

It’s compatible with most bluetooth enabled devices so you can play your favorite tracks. It’s also got a top-mounted slot so you can comfortably place your bluetooth devices on top and let the music blast through its speakers.

What I like about this tower speaker is that it features soft glowing LED-lights that add to a more relaxing ambiance to your listening experience.

It’s also got an FM radio receiver with voice prompts that allow you to listen to your favorite radio stations in a more satisfying way.

I like the design of this floorstanding speaker. It’s sleek, modern, and looks great especially when the LED-lights are on. You wouldn’t mistake this for a budget speaker at first glance.

In terms of sound quality, the Sharper Image SBT1001BK Bluetooth Tower Speaker delivers good mids & highs with enough bass and the volume levels are sufficient. Even at max volume, it doesn’t sound very distorted and though it doesn’t offer the cleanest audio reproduction, it’s still one of the best floorstanding speakers that offer a good sounding experience at a budget of under $70.


  • Soft-glowing LED lights
  • Good sound reproduction
  • Bluetooth compatible


  • Needs more clarity on bass levels
  • Unable to manually change preset radio stations
  • Bluetooth devices disconnect at times

Fluance SXHTBW 5-Speaker Home Theater 

The best high-end Tower speaker 2018!

Quick Summary

Fluance Surround Sound Home Theater

Rated by: Harry

If you want the best complete-sounding audio system that features two floor standing quality speakers, look no further than this 5-speaker set-up right here.

The Fluance SXHTBW takes your home audio experience to a whole new level by offering the cleanest, richest, most powerful sound out of all the speakers I reviewed and tested on this list.

From the premium components to the luxurious wood-crafted finish, everything about these speakers look as good as they sound. The 1" neodymium balanced silk dome tweeters offer crystal clear highs that sound crisp and clean. 

Low frequency response is also stellar thanks to the floor standing speakers’ dual 6.5” woofers that deliver heart-dropping bass. Midrange is also handled pretty well and is evident by the full, rich vocals of whatever song you’re listening to.

The finish on these best floor standing speakers is made of high-quality MDF wood construction that not only looks good but also does a good job of reducing cabinet resonance which in turn leads to a more cleaner sound. These tower speakers provide good mids and highs.

Audiophiles will definitely appreciate this set-up right here as the volume levels are out of this world. It doesn’t get any better than the Fluance SXHTBW High Definition Surround-Sound Home Theater 5.0 Channel Speaker. If you’re willing to pay the premium price tag of under $400, I guarantee you will not be disappointed because these are the speakers my ears have come across.


  • Stellar sound reproduction
  • Premium wood finish
  • Full-blown speaker set-up


  • Wood finish is prone to dents and chips
  • Takes up tons of space
  • High price tag

ELAC Debut F6  Tower Speaker

Unparalleled sound for a 5.0 Channel speaker!

Quick Summary

ELAC Debut F6 Tower Speakers

Rated by: Harry

If the Fluance SXHTBW High Definition Surround Sound Home Theater 5.0 Channel Speaker-System weren’t on my list, these Speakers would be my choice as the best high-end tower speakers. Why? Because its immersive, full-range sound is backed up by one of the great speaker designers in Andrew Jones.

He engineered this bad boy to sound super-detailed and dare I say theater-like and it rightfully sits atop of ELAC’s Debut speakers as the flagship model.

The sound-reproduction is unparalleled thanks to the 10-element crossover that’s been custom designed by Jones himself on the Debut F6. This results in a naturally full, rich, immersive sound quality that gets blasted on the 6-1/2" woven aramid-fiber midrange and bass drivers

The 1” silk dome tweeter handles highs like no other and improves sound dispersion overall. The bass is booming and as soon as you crank up the volume, you’ll hear every note and nuance of whatever music you’re listening get pumped straight through your blood.

For the price of below $800, it’s worth every penny and it’s definitely one of the best floor standing speakers on this list. If you’re looking for some serious theater-like tower speakers, the ELAC Debut F6 Speakers are a no-brainer for audiophiles looking for a sound-blasting home-audio theater.


  • Unparalleled audio reproduction
  • Immersive, full-range sound
  • Powerful bass levels, Good mids and highs


  • Design is a little ‘meh’ compared to other speakers
  • Needs a bit more consistency on mids and highs
  • Price tag is way up there with the most expensive floor standing speakers

Pioneer SP-FS52 1" Soft Dome Tweeter Speaker

Andrew Jones-inspired speakers from Pioneer!

Quick Summary

Pioneer SP FS52

Rated by: Harry

With a collaborative effort from Pioneer and the man Andrew Jones himself, they managed to drop a pair of great-sounding speakers that is influenced by one of the best tower speaker designers.

Jones did a nice job with the way these Tower speakers sound by making sure that high frequencies are handled very well by the 1” soft-dome tweeter that delivers clean and crisp highs.

Low frequency response is also great thanks to the three 5-1/4” structured surface woofers that deliver punchy, looming bass especially when you turn up the volume. The 8-crossover design perfectly blends in all the notes and nuances the woofer and tweeter dishes out that makes for a clean, smooth sound reproduction.

The finish of these best floor standing speakers are aesthetically pleasing and it combines a well-thought-of cabinet design to actually enhance your listening experience by reducing sound waves inside. One cool feature is that you can take off the speaker grills if you wanna see the drivers exposed and pumping out some serious sound.

For just under $150 each, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other speakers that sound just as good as the Pioneer SP-FS52’s as it’s one of the best floor standing speakers in this price range.


  • Punchy bass levels
  • Great mids and highs
  • Beautiful design


  • Finish is prone to chipping
  • Volume levels could be a bit higher
  • Needs a thorough break-in to sound really good

ART+SOUND AR1004 Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Floor Standing speakers with a cool design!

Quick Summary

ART SOUND Wall Powered Tower Speaker

Rated by: Harry

The ART+SOUND AR1004 Wall Powered Bluetooth Speaker is similar Sharper Image SBT1001BK Bluetooth Speaker in a way that they both incorporate glowing LED lights and bluetooth functionality to play your favorite tracks on your device.

It’s a perfect accent piece to any modern home that’s looking for a bit more oomph in the audio department.

The LED lights are great for just chilling out and introduces a more relaxing mood when listening to music.

The controls are found on top where you have an option of adjusting the volume, fast-forwarding your tracks, and even charging your bluetooth device via the dock.

In terms of sound quality, it’s borderline above average with good sound production and clear mids & highs. It’s not the best sounding speaker out there, but it does a great job of minimizing distortion levels even at high volumes. Low frequency response is average and while it doesn’t offer bass-thumping sound, it’s more than enough for most users.

The design is space-age inspired, but I found that it scratches easily especially the top part which is made of glossy plastic that accumulates light scratches quickly. Overall if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a simple yet cool-looking Tower Speaker, the ART+SOUND AR1004 Wall Powered Bluetooth Speaker will suffice.


  • Cool-looking LED lights
  • Space-age design
  • Charging dock for your bluetooth devices


  • Average sound quality
  • Needs more oomph on low frequency responses
  • Design gets scratched up easily

Factors to consider when buying a tower speaker

Tower speakers are a perfect choice if you’re looking to upgrade your home-audio system. The problem is there are plenty of options to choose from and it can be quite confusing at first to find out which ones will suit you best. Before buying a speaker, make sure to weigh in these key factors first so that you’ll end up with the best speakers your money can afford.

Number of drivers

One of the most important things to look out for when buying a Floorstanding speaker is how many drivers it comes with. If you’ve ever heard of the term two-way or three-way speakers, these pertain to how many drivers it has. Tower speakers commonly have:

Two-way speakersThese are only have two drivers and those are the woofer and the tweeter. These two components work together to handle the midrange since it lacks a midrange driver. Some people opt for a subwoofer when they have a two-way speaker in order to fill out the low frequency responses for a complete sound.

Three-way speakers: These are generally the most preferred since it contains three dedicated drivers for the tweeter, midrange, and woofer. This allows the drivers to focus on its own range to deliver a more detailed high and low response, thus resulting in clear and crisp audio even when the volume levels are turned up.

Speaker Size

Factoring in the size of your speakers is important as well because they can take up more space than your standard speakers. They all come in different sizes with some being super tall and some being a bit too short. A general rule is the bigger the speaker, the better they will sound because of the larger drivers used that are capable of reproducing clearer sound.

speaker system

If you have ample space, you can opt for a 5 speaker system where it uses two speakers, a single center channel, and rear speakers for that complete home audio system.


A speaker’s specifications tell you a lot about how it will perform. When you are going to buy a quality speaker, look out for these specs such as:

Impedance - Impedance measures the current’s resistance and this is represented in ohms. You’ll find that most speakers generally come with impedance values of around 4, 8, and 16 ohms. It’s a good rule of thumb to match your speaker’s impedance with your amp to avoid any damages and produce as good quality sound as much as possible.

Frequency response -  This is the frequency range that your speakers are capable of reaching and these are measured in hertz (Hz). These speakers use different drivers to reach frequency responses ranging from 40 to 1000 Hz or higher.

Sensitivity - Measured in decibels (dB), this pertains to how efficient your tower-speakers are at converting power into sound. The higher the rating, the louder your speakers will sound in a given amount of amp power. The lower the rating, the more power you need.

Price range

Tower speakers also come at different price points and there’s always a good speaker for every budget. Spending more doesn’t usually guarantee greater sound so before you go out and buy it, give it a try yourself first and hear how the speaker actually performs. If you can’t stretch your money and you’re on a budget, there are plenty of tower-speakers that offer incredible value for under $150.

If you have the money to spend, then, by all means, buy the tower-speakers you can afford to complete your home audio system.

Wrapping up

There are plenty of solid choices when it comes to selecting which of the best speakers are the one for you. But in my opinion, this Floor-Standing Speaker offers the perfect balance between value and performance.

Sony SSCS3 Speaker

The three dedicated drivers allow for a great frequency range and the ¾” tweeter handles high frequencies perfectly. Bass performance is also more than adequate and the mids are well-balanced as well. Overall audio output is crisp and clean and for just under $200, you won’t find any other tower-speakers that sound as good as this one for its price.


Tower-speakers are a great addition to your home audio experience by providing clearer sound reproduction and consistent audio output. Whether using as a stand-alone audio source or incorporating it into more complex home audio setups, you can never go wrong with purchasing a tower speaker because it’s versatile and adds another dimension to your sound system.

By carefully looking at the list and weighing out your options when it comes to price point, performance, and sound quality, you’ll be able to pick out which of the best tower-speakers are the right one for you. Make sure to test it out first before going to buy and pick the right one that fits the budget.