how to start and online radio station

How To Start An Online Radio Station?

I’ll take you through a step-by-step instruction on how to get started and address the common questions when it comes to setting up your own online radio station.

Here’s How to Start Your Online Radio Station

Step 1:  Choose your equipment properly

It all starts with having good quality gear and equipment. Sure there’s going to be an investment at first, but if you want to take your online radio station seriously, you will need the right tools for the job. If you have a reliable computer with good specs, that’s good. What you need next is a pair of good-quality headphones and a microphone, particularly a studio-quality microphone.

onlline radio station equipment

In my opinion, condenser mics work the best because they reduce the high pitches of your voice and give you that DJ-like sound to your voice. Set it up and find a remote place that’s nice and quiet, preferably in your own room or home office if you have one.

Step 2: Select the right radio automation software

One key to your success when it comes to starting your own online radio station is selecting the right radio automation software. What this does is that it basically lets audio broadcasters manage their audio files and schedule them in a queue automatically thus making the process a whole lot easier.


Different radio automation softwares use different features but the one I highly recommend is the most popular choice for radio DJ’s who are just starting out and that is SAM Broadcaster Cloud. You can generate multiple stations and have them automatically sync to your music library.

Step 3: Create your own website

If you chose SAM Broadcaster Cloud, you’re already covered since it bundles with a free website station page that Spacial hosts. It’s mobile-friendly and allows you to have social media integration to promote your own brand. It’s essential to have a landing page so listeners will know where to follow you.

Step 4: Know your way when it comes to broadcasting and copyright laws

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to setting up your own online radio station. Knowing how to broadcast songs legally will help you avoid any copyright infringement and save you money and time from potentially getting sued.

copyright law

As a beginner broadcaster, services such as or LoudCity are your best bet to acquire licensing to get your station licensed appropriately since broadcasting the music of other artists require you to obtain their and the recording company’s permission which could burn a hole in your pocket and can become time-consuming.

Step 5: Build your audience

In order for your radio station to survive, you need to stand out and offer a “wow” factor that will get your listeners hooked. This will help build your audience and gain you a ton of followers. Establish your own brand by setting the tone of your radio station with the tracks that you play.

go live

Become creative with the artwork and the content that you publish on your website so that you’ll have created an image and tone in the minds of your listeners that’ll get them listening to you whenever you play music. Your radio station logo must be recognizable and refreshing so that when they see it, they’ll know that it’s you and they’ll immediately tune in.

Step 6: Go live

It’s fun to run a radio station that’s automated. It gives you a peace of mind knowing that it’s constantly running so you’ll have free time to do other stuff. But live broadcasting takes it to a whole new level because you can interact with your listeners and constantly build your audience by engaging with them.

online radio station go live

Talking to your listeners about the tracks you play, giving them a shout-out, and just discussing things live will make it more interesting for them to tune in to your radio station instead of just hearing automated tracks playing for most of the time.

Common Questions on Starting a Radio Station

Aside from the question “How to start an online radio station?”, many of you are curious about the ins and outs of the whole process. Here I’ll answer some of the most common questions and provide you with some insight on what you should do in order to start an online radio station.

Do I need a website to start an online radio station?

Not really! Your listeners can tune in to your broadcasts without a website. They can go to your stream via a number of different places like TuneIn and a direct listen link. Having your own website does come with its advantages though. It allows your listeners to discover more about you and the tracks that you play as well as seeing what events you have set up throughout the whole week.

Do I need expensive equipment to start an online radio station?

Absolutely not. There are only three things that you should focus on if you’re starting your own online radio station and that is:

  • check
    A computer with good specs
  • check
    Stable internet connection
  • check
    A decent headphone and microphone

Your computer should be able to handle playing music, use a radio automation software, and broadcasting to your station. Internet connection should be fast and stable since this will allow you to upload high-quality music and stream live at high quality. A decent sounding headphone and microphone are all you need to complete your set up but generally, I recommend getting a good performing external mic so you’ll sound great when you go on air.

Wrapping up

Starting your own online radio station shouldn’t feel daunting and impossible. All you need is the right equipment, a steady internet connection, and a passion and dedication for playing tracks and managing your broadcasts. This way, you’ll have tons of listeners who will tune in with your broadcasts and it’ll make the whole experience that much more fun.

Just make sure to follow these important tips and you’ll be running your own online radio station in no time!

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