what to do with an old laptop

What To Do With Old Laptop?

There are many ways you can repurpose an old laptop but first things first, let’s examine the condition of the device and see if there’s still any potential for it to be reused. Take a look at its condition. Is it all beaten up and broken? If this is the case, it’s designated right to the trash bin. But if you’re in luck and the device still boots up and the hardware is intact and functioning, then we can start the process of reviving this bad boy up.

How to Re-use Your Old Laptop:

#1. Turn your old laptop into a Chromebook

Since your laptop is old and the specifications have aged at this point, the first solution to get it up and running is by transforming it into a Chromebook. Why? Because Chromium OS can run on even modest specs and it doesn’t require powerful hardware to operate. Another bonus is that it’s Google all throughout so you’ll be familiar with Google’s ecosystem especially if you’re an Android user.

Chromium OS

You can comfortably run a few apps here and there and do web browsing with your old laptop with Chromium OS. The interface is user-friendly and cloud apps will work fairly well. Besides, a simple, lightweight operating system is just what your old laptop needs in order to function to today’s standards.

#2. Install Linux on your old computer

This is one of the most popular ways people have reused their old laptops and that is by installing Linux. The reason why is because it replaces your previous operating system with a Windows-like OS that boots quickly, virus resistant, and can run virtually any program because it’s an open-source OS.

Linux OS

If you’re unfamiliar with Linux, I suggest you learn the basics first because it can be quite confusing for first timers to fiddle with the settings. There are tons of how-to-guides that you can look up on the internet that will give you a detailed instruction on why and how you should install Linux on your old laptop and I highly suggest you check those out.

#3. Take out the parts and re-use them

If your computer is totally broken and it won’t open up, salvage any parts you can get by opening it up. At the very least, you can take out the hard drive and transform it into an external drive with a good enclosure. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, but if all else fails and nothing works, better take what you can get before throwing the device away.

#4. Use it as a webcam

A clever and neat way to repurpose your old laptop is by using it as a webcam for either home surveillance or child monitoring. There’s an app called iSpy which is an open-source video surveillance app that allows you to monitor your kids, children, and babies in their room or you can even set it up outside and use it as a front-door surveillance.

old laptop webcam

It’s a cheap and easy way to keep tabs on things you want to be monitored because iSpy is free for local use although you do have an option to pay $8 to view your webcam remotely.

#5. Take out the parts and use the display as a picture frame

For the adventurous DIY enthusiasts out there, this is a perfect project for your old laptop. Stripping down a device to its core and turning it into something awesome is a cool way to reuse your old laptop. I highly recommend you watch online tutorials on how to set it up properly because the concept is quite easy. You frame the screen and use a photo-frame software to display the photo you want.

Or you can take out the panel altogether and print a picture that resembles your laptop’s screen size and place it inside for a more customized look.

And there you have it!

Surely there are plenty of other ways to repurpose an old laptop. The only limit is your creativity and imagination. If it’s still working then I highly suggest converting it into a Chromebook or install Linux so you can use it for productivity, web browsing, and using different apps too. If it’s broken and can’t be fixed, tear it apart and save as many hardware as you can before throwing it in the trash.

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